Brief AFCRAS News Update for 4/13/18

We just wanted to give everyone a brief update on some of what’s happening right now at AFCRAS.ORG

DMR Event

We are currently working out details and trying to put together a live DMR presentation/event. DMR digital technology is arguably the hottest topic in repeaters these days. With equipment becoming increasingly more available and affordable, hams are asking lots of questions and are eager to better understand that “what” and “how” of getting into DMR digital repeater setup and use. What we are working on putting together is a roughly 2 hour live event which will feature speakers/presenters on three major areas of DMR implementation and use:

  • DMR Repeaters
  • DMR Radios
  • DMR “Hotspots” and similar devices

We will keep you all posted on the date, time, and location for the event if and when we get the presenters, information, and logistics all put together. We may also turn the materials from the presentation into an online video so those of you who can’t attend the live event can get the information online, on-demand.

Other AFCRAS News

In other news, membership in AFCRAS continues to grow. We have had a 400% increase in membership recently. We would again like to welcome all the fellow hams who have recently joined the Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society. The diversity of knowledge, experience, and interests is what helps make programs such as the DMR program we’re working on possible. AFCRAS is about so much more than just coordinating frequencies and repeaters — AFCRAS is just as much about knowledge and experience sharing. We invite you to visit the Membership Information section of this website now and use the fillable PDF application feature if you’re interested in becoming a member.

As membership increased and with the initial officer elections, membership on our Board of Directors changed slightly in accordance with article III of the AFCRAS Bylaws. This changed directorship and overall guidance of the organization from the original three “founding” Board members to consisting of the three officers specified in the Bylaws. Therefore, one of the three founding directors is now able to focus more time on coordination and media committee work. With lots of media-related things in the works, he welcomed and was excited by this change and says he is looking forward to having the time he was spending involved in board matters available now for working on some exciting projects especially for the education and benefit of the Alabama Amateur Radio community. Everything has fallen into place quite nicely. All of the officers and directors of AFCRAS want to be of the best possible service to the organization’s members and hams throughout Alabama.

On a related note, we discovered that there is a typographical error in that section of the bylaws as posted here on the website. Article III section 2 should read “There shall be three (3) Directors” instead of reading “… nine (3)…” We will be correcting and updating the PDF document to correct that typo in short order.

We hope you are all having a fantastic April and having some exciting QSO’s and adventures in amateur radio!

AFCRAS Media Committee

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