You Can Now APPLY ONLINE for Amateur Radio Frequency Coordination in Alabama

Many of you have been asking and asking for years for frequency and repeater coordination for Alabama hams to be improved, modernized, streamlined, be better aligned with adjoining states, and to be made more transparent. You asked, you deserve it, and it’s finally happening. Welcome to the Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society (AFCRAS) way of doing things.

If you are ready to apply for frequency coordination for your Amateur Radio repeater (or other Qualified Automated Device) in Alabama, you can either click on this link to instantly open the online Frequency Coordination or Modification Application and fill it out right there on your computer screen and submit it without even having to print out a form, or complete and mail it the old-fashioned way (unless you just want to do it that way, which you can), or you click on the following link to visit the Coordination Information section of our website (there’s a link to open the application form on that page as well.)

No matter what area of the AFCRAS website you’re perusing, you can always click on the “Apply for New or Modified Coordination” tab (on your desktop PC and some devices) or just click on the “Main Menu” on some portable devices and then select “Apply for New or Modified Coordination” and you’ll instantly be jetted over to that content.

AFCRAS: created by Alabama Amateur Radio and repeater enthusiasts for Alabama Amateur Radio and repeater enthusiasts to provide the quality and level of frequency coordination services our community deserves.

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