How To Transfer Your Existing Alabama Repeater Coordination to AFCRAS

A lot of folks are asking us if/how they can transfer an existing coordination for a repeater in Alabama so that it is coordinated with the Alabama Frequency Coordination and Repeater Advancement Society (AFCRAS.)

The answer is “Yes, you certainly can.” And here is how that is handled:

  • Fill out an AFCRAS Frequency Coordination / Modification Application form (FCM)
    • You can do so using a fillable PDF online with Adobe Reader or a compatible program
    • You might need to “save/download” the file to your computer or device and then open the saved file in order to edit and then save your filled-in version before hitting “submit” or sending it as an email attachment
    • You can also simply print the FCM form, fill it in with a pen or typewriter and mail it in if you wish
  • Check the “New” coordination application box on the repeater frequency / coordination FCM form
  • You must include in the email to which the FCM form (or a cover letter if sending by regular mail) is attached a statement to the following effect, which you can copy and paste, if you wish:
    • “I hereby attest that the repeater or device for which I am requesting AFCRAS Coordination is currently operational and functioning in accordance with the parameters set forth in the attached FCM application form, and that the operating parameters included match those on record for the existing coordination which is currently in effect with [include name of the coordinating entity holding your current Alabama repeater coordination] and that I intend to continue operating the repeater/device in accordance with the parameters described on the attached FCM.”
  • If you are wanting to change anything which would alter your coverage area in comparison to the existing coordination, you will need to apply for a totally new coordination with AFCRAS, in which case you would need to apply for a totally new coordination and your coordination can not be treated as a “grandfathered/transferred coordination request.” Changes in things like mailing address, telephone contact info, etc. is okay; however, changing things such as location, antenna height, antenna gain, output power, frequencies, CTCSS tones/DCS codes, operating mode, etc. would require a totally new coordination.
  • AFCRAS will review each transfer request on a case-by-case basis. If your transfer request is accepted, your repeater will be added to the AFCRAS Coordination database and you will be notified. It will be up to you to contact the organization with which your repeater/device was formerly coordinated and advise them that they can remove your repeater/device from their records.
  • Once a coordination is accepted and transferred to the AFCRAS Coordination database, it can only be managed by you (the holder of record, or the trustee in the case of a club repeater) and AFCRAS, and any actions in the way of modification, cancellation, etc. of the former coordination by/with other coordinating entities will not affect your new AFCRAS Coordination.

Sound like a lot? It’s really not. The bottom line is that to transfer an existing, active coordination to AFCRAS you will be:

  1. Submitting an AFCRAS FCM form
  2. Attesting that you are applying for operation exactly as it is actively coordinated at the moment with the former coordinating entity

If you have not done so already, we also encourage you to apply for AFCRAS membership today. It’s quick, easy, and you can do so online in a matter of minutes.



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